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Burns Vaughan

At the Method of Knowing Space – Research Institute, we conduct research and make freely available our publications on true, correct, and good ideas based out of Auckland, New Zealand.

Our goal is to make the world perfect. To us perfect means that there is no more bad feelings in the world and there is ever increasing good.

As an apprentice in accurate thinking, I have found great improvement to my overall strategic planning and as a result effectiveness in achieving my goals that lead to increased overall happiness by working through ideas and arriving at the truth of what is generally presented as the way to live life.

And honing down on my method of how to know what’s true.

Then more specifically applying that to whatever tactics I am employing in any one single endeavor.

Therefore we have found it a fun endeavor to print our findings so that others may be inspired to follow similar pursuits and achieve the same results, and more broadly get to the real heart of the matter.

How to know what’s true or a knowing method.

The main topics covered in publications and research is exposing the win, through correct thinking, the method of knowing, and revealing false and contradictory ideas.